Wire - shaping the afterwards (image from the 4th wall)
photolithography, intaglio, digital, chine collé on rag paper
36 x 30" (paper size)
As with its companion work (shown in the main gallery), this work places the image in the in-between: where this image is suspended between the real and the illusory; the front and back; between here and there; now and then. Copper wire was cut into pieces and loosely shaped in the arrangement you see here by a small cup-like container. The object was removed leaving only the wire to evoke its absence in the photographs that were then taken. The photographic “wire-line” images are printed from lithographic plates and combined with actual lines and scratches etched and printed from copper plates. The layered images are printed, with the addition of digitally printed images of masking tape, on the front and back of two laminated sheets of paper.