6 Figures (from a sheet of glass)
Fig. 2-3
copper photogravure on paper, matboard, glass
19" x 16"
(from a sheet of glass -- a sheet of glass has 6 sides (if you count the thickness) -- a sheet of paper has 2 sides (if you don’t count the thickness) -- a sheet of paper is something you look at -- a sheet of glass is something you look through, a window (unless something lands on it) -- a sheet of glass that has acquired some smear, scratch or cut becomes like a sheet of paper (it is something that you look through and at) -- a shard, broken from a sheet of glass, is a stony fraction. It is “out of” (place) a whole -- a shard of glass is a shimmering thing, an accident of light – it can pierce your heart, it can land in your eye (the world, lens-bent) -- a sheet of glass places you here, looking out there -- a sheet of paper places you with it -- a hand, an eye, like a split figure coupled, to a sheet of paper).