David Scott Armstrong

My artwork comes out of a practice of looking—a practice shaped by the arousal of attention. Where our attention lands moment to moment, day to day is varied, unpredictable. Art is a practice which is also varied and unpredictable—it traces our lively moments, our days, giving shape to the shapely, drawing us toward the already-drawn nature of the world.

Drawing forms the basis of what I do (whether using print-based, drawing, or photo-based processes). It is my method of making, yet more so, it is the feeling of being drawn toward something else and other than ourselves—it is the reality of desire. It is the momentum of a line that goes from—toward: like a root, a river, a drop of rain, a horizon. All things are both in and of the world, and at a distance. Drawing is the desire to be-with.

left: from a dark garden—
exhibition view, SNAP Gallery, Edmonton, AB.