Rag Prints
(a series of 9 prints)Rag Print (Day 1)Rag Print (Day 2)Rag Print (Day 3)
Rag Prints
(a series of 9 prints)
This was my first attempt at etching. So in order to better learn the process I gave myself a disciplined daily practice of starting and completing one print per day.

Each day I took a common shop rag (the same used around the print studio for clean up) and folded, arranged, composed it into a form I was satisfied with. The rag, which was pressed into a palette of rolled out printing ink, was then placed on a copper plate and run through the press. The resulting inked impression of the rag on the copper plate was etched, aquatinted, proofed and editioned.

I repeated this process each day for 9 consecutive days, at which time both process and myself exhausted itself.