Artwork > Bowl, or, an unlikeness

Bowl, or, an unlikeness
Bowl, or, an unlikeness
photolithography, chine collé on rag paper
31 ½ x 25” (paper size)

Colophon page with text from folio.

“Things” are real. A pair of shoes, a chair, a book, a building. These are “things”. They are real in that they have material properties, they have weight, tactility, mass, presence. We can hold them in our hand, use them and fashion them according to our needs, lean against them, dwell in them. Some “things” are meaningful, loved, others are just ordinary: the stuff that surrounds our lives. In this work, a bowl is the “thing”. It is quite an ordinary bowl, except that it has a crack in it.

This sequence of 12 prints traces the unbecoming of the bowl’s “thingness”, and, in a sense, its becoming an image. For in an image the thing becomes something else, something other. If an image, by nature, holds something, gives the illusion of the world of flux being held in suspension, one might also say that it loses something as well. An image, and this sequence of 12 printed images, occurs “in-between” this holding and unbecoming – it is the point of contact, the crack, the break.